Manage Support

Manage Support


Our  first class managed support  services are aimed at helping small, medium and large organisations cope with day-to-day I.C.T activities within the organisation in-order to save money, time, and effectively manage their I.C.T resources and investment.

We offer various types of managed services so that businesses can concentrate on their core functions  while we take the stress off them.

These services  can be in-house, remote, on call or the regular maintenance.


We provide in-house resident support to your staff (end-users) and installations, in which our personnel reside with the premises 24/7 to manage all equipment and services.

This support services offers the following features, which enables network investment protection and minimal downtime for systems running critical application:

  • Provides timely problem resolution 24/7 through access to our technical expertise
  • Make network technical knowledge and resources available to you on demand
  • Augments the resources of your operations technical staff to increase productivity
  • Ensure that your corporation benefit from latest hardware upgrade on demand.


For the remote support, we manage the equipment and installations from our office remotely, our personnel will not have to be physically present in your premises, he can log on from a remote location to render the service.


We also offer on call basis which pay as you call support services.This occurs when the client will have to call the office support center for help and we send one of our engineers to solve the problem.


We offer regular support services in which our personnel do a regular monthly visit to your premises. The various maintenance support services are listed below:

  1. General Maintenance and Servicing: This involves general cleaning, dusting of the customer premise equipment (CPE).
  2. Preventive Maintenance: This involves a proactive approach to problem solving, it entails checking of the performances of the customer’s premise equipment and observing possible future problems and addressing them before problems arise or before it becomes an issue.
  3. Corrective Maintenance: This involves repairs of any faulty or bad devices. This will take place at anytime as they occur.
  4. General Support: This involves on demand call for assistance in achieving a particular objective in your organization. It could be through the following;
  • E-Mail/Phone Support
  • On-site Visit

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